How do I make a reservation on LATAM Airlines?

Your LATAM journey begins with us at FlyoGarage, where every booking is a promise of adventure and comfort. Embark on a voyage through the skies, exploring the rich tapestry of destinations across Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, Oceania, Asia, and Europe. With roots deeply woven in Chilean heritage, LATAM Airlines reservations embody the spirit of exploration and connection. From the bustling streets of Santiago to the pristine beaches of Rio de Janeiro, our flights offer more than you expect.


Why people would prefer to fly on LATAM Airlines?

LATAM Airlines, born from the fusion of LAN Chile and TAM Linhas Aéreas, becomes a symbol of air travel across Latin America and beyond. With its main hub nestled in Santiago, Chile, and secondary hubs in bustling cities like São Paulo and Lima, LATAM embodies the spirit of connection and exploration. From its roots as Chile's flag carrier to its evolution into the largest airline corporation in Latin America, LATAM Airlines reservations have redefined the essence of flying. Through its fleet of modern aircraft and warm South American service, LATAM promises more than just transportation; it promises an experience that transcends borders and cultures.

Winning the prestigious "Best Economy Class in South America" award by the Skytrax World Airline Awards underscores LATAM's vow to passenger comfort and satisfaction. From ergonomic seats to complimentary entertainment and delectable dining options, LATAM flight bookings ensures every journey is a delight. Moreover, its Premium Business Class offers a luxurious retreat with full-flat 180° seats and gourmet cuisine. Beyond the skies, LATAM encourages travelers to explore the vibrant landscapes and rich cultures of South America, from the majestic peaks of the Andes to the pristine beaches of Brazil.


How to book LATAM Airlines flight tickets?

To book LATAM Airlines flight tickets, follow these simple steps:

  • Head to the official LATAM Airlines website to begin your booking process.
  • Enter your departure city, destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers traveling with you.
  • Once you've entered your travel details, browse through the available flight options that match your criteria.
  • After choosing your flights, you'll have the option to select your preferred seats.
  • After selecting your seats, proceed to the payment section to finalize your booking. LATAM Airlines accepts various payment methods.
  • Once your booking is confirmed and payment is processed, you'll receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket details.


By following these steps, you can easily book your LATAM Airlines flight tickets and embark on your next adventure with ease. Also, you can call LATAM Airlines customer service, +1-877-658-1183 for the same purpose and more.


Can I make changes to my LATAM flight bookings?

Yes, LATAM Airlines allows passengers to make changes to their flight bookings, subject to certain policies:

  • LATAM Airlines manage booking policy may charge a fee for making changes to your booking, which varies depending on the type of ticket purchased and the nature of the changes.
  • Passengers with flexible tickets or higher fare classes typically enjoy more lenient change policies with reduced or waived LATAM Airlines change fees.
  • Changes to flight bookings must typically be made within a specific timeframe before the scheduled departure time to avoid additional charges.
  • Changes to flight bookings can be made online through the LATAM Airlines website or mobile app, or by contacting the airline's customer service representatives via phone or at the airport.
  • Changes are subject to seat availability on the desired alternative flight, and passengers may need to pay any fare differences if applicable.
  • In certain cases, such as medical emergencies or unforeseen events, LATAM Airlines may offer exceptions to its change policies, allowing passengers to make adjustments without penalty.


By understanding LATAM Airlines change flight policy passengers can effectively manage and modify their flight bookings according to their needs.


Is there a policy involved in canceling LATAM flight tickets?

LATAM Airlines has a clear policy regarding the cancellation of flight tickets:

  • Passengers can cancel their reservations within 24 hours of purchase and receive a full refund without deductions as per the LATAM Airlines refund policy.
  • If the new ticket costs more than the original one, passengers must pay the fare difference.
  • Passengers who miss the risk-free cancellation window may incur a fee.
  • Only adults are eligible for refunds; younger travelers should contact customer service for assistance.
  • Customers can cancel their flights online or offline through various channels.
  • LATAM Airlines cancellation policy advises using the same payment method used during booking for refunds.
  • No service fee is charged for cancellations due to emergencies if supported by legal documentation. Moreover, specific conditions apply for no cancellation fee:
  • Tickets canceled within 24 hours of purchase, depending on the country of issuance and fare type.
  • Flex (Premium Economy Top) fares can be canceled before or after departure.
  • Certain ticket types qualify for free cancellation under the laws of Colombia, Chile, Israel, Peru, or Ecuador.


In conclusion, LATAM Airlines reservations through FlyoGarage stand as your reliable companion in the realm of air travel, offering not just flights, but experiences that linger in the heart and soul. No matter if you're returning home or venturing into the unknown, call LATAM Airlines phone number 1-877-658-1183, at any hour of the day to get all assistance you need.

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