Special Assistance and Inquiry 

You might have to travel with assistance for many reasons, such as being physically/mentally disabled, traveling when you are pregnant, traveling with your pet, and other unforeseen circumstances. There are many airline services that provide travel assistance and inquiry, and also there are more reasons that you cannot travel without assistance. If you want to know which travel airline provides the best travel assistance, you get to read the complete article. However let’s explore when can you need special assistance and inquiry:
Disability Assistance
If you require special assistance when you travel via air, it needs to be more cautious from your side as well as from the airline services’ side.; if you want to experience the best special assistance service, you can choose any of the airline services in the US such as Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, and much more. You just need to call the concerned authority to the service and they will arrange all the facilities such as a wheelchair, or personal assistant and more. So, if you are traveling with a wheelchair, please drop the idea as you will get it from your airline partner. 
Pet Assistance
Fully-trained dogs and psychiatric service dogs are known to you. There are many airlines that provide pet assistance to the Flyers. Some airlines allow small dogs and cats and some might let you know about the number of pet allowances. There are airline services that provide airline services with trained dogs that provide assistance to disable and sometimes to all the passengers. If you want to know more about these services. These dogs are rabies vaccinated and should be free of pests and diseases. 
Unaccompanied Minors
Unaccompanied minors are children from 5 to 11 years and traveling without their parents. In that situation, airline services provide all the assistance to the child ensuring their comfort right from onboarding to departure. 
Traveling with infants and babies
However, traveling with an infant is also allowed but there might be some rules and regulations to follow. There are airlines like Spirit or other airlines that require Exit Consent Letter before they onboard. If you are traveling with more than two infants, you will have to pay per seat according to different airline services. It is also important to know for adults who travel with their babies that they should not occupy more than one seat to be precise and note for other passengers’ comfort.
Traveling when pregnant
Traveling when you are pregnant can be a cumbersome event for you. That’s why the proper assistance is available at every airline service. You are traveling when you are an expectant mother, you need to be assured of every concern and regulation by the company. If you are traveling when you are 28 weeks or more,  you need to provide medical certifications from many airline companies. However, there will be no medical certifications required before 28 months for pregnant women. 
Traveling with medical conditions
When you are traveling with any medical condition, it is important that you travel with one of your nurses or doctor to be on the safer side. However, airline services will provide you with stretcher assistance, in-built oxygen, portable oxygen concentrators, and more important facilities. This assistance may charge you some extra amount. It is advisable to you that make a list of all the rules and regulations and then board the aircraft. However, please make ready all your documents such as medical certifications to travel stress-free. All the passengers who are traveling with medical conditions need to come to the gate prior 60 minutes before departure so that they can be attendees without any hassle. 
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