WestJet Airlines Pet Policy

In the realm of air travel, WestJet Airlines has carved a niche as a customer-centric carrier, recognized for its exceptional service and innovative offerings. Beyond human passengers, the airline extends its hospitality to the four-legged members of our families. Navigating the skies with pets has become a seamless endeavor thanks to WestJet's pet-friendly policies. This article on WestJet Airlines Pet Policy by FlyoGarage delves into the airline's commitment to providing safe and comfortable journeys for both passengers and their pets by WestJet.

What does the WestJet Airlines pet policy state?

When flying with your furry companions on WestJet Airlines, there are some important steps and conditions to be aware of to ensure a smooth journey for both you and your pet. To make the process hassle-free, certain WestJet Airlines pet policy is to be followed. For international flights, it's essential to provide proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days before your departure. To ensure the well-being of your pet during the flight, here are the key conditions you need to meet:

  • Your pet should be a minimum of 8 weeks old and in good health.
  • Throughout the journey, your pet must stay securely inside their kennel or carrier.
  • Your pet's designated place is under the front seat, ensuring their safety and comfort.
  • Pets should exhibit non-aggressive behavior and remain calm throughout the flight.
  • Using an airline-approved soft-sided kennel is necessary; hard kennels won't be accepted as per the WestJet pet policy.

How much does it cost for WestJet flying with pets?

Fees for Carry-on Pets:

  • If your pet will be traveling in a carrier or kennel that can fit within the size limits of your free carry-on baggage allowance, the carrier will be considered part of that WestJet pet policy.
  • For flights within or between Canada and the U.S., the fee ranges from CAD/USD 50 to 59 as per the WestJet Airlines pet policy.
  • For flights between Canada/U.S. and destinations outside the U.S., the fee falls between CAD/USD 100 to 118.

Fees for Checked Pets:

  • For domestic flights and flights to/from the U.S., the fee is between CAD/USD 100 to 118.
  • If your journey involves flights between Canada/U.S. and any other destination, the fee is approximately CAD/USD 200 to 236.

How to Arrange Pet Travel with WestJet?

Here's how you can book a flight for your pet, whether online or through WestJet Airlines customer service team:

  1. Begin by visiting the WestJet official website and clicking on the "Book a Flight" option.
  2. Input your travel specifics, such as departure and destination cities, travel dates, and the number of travelers.
  3. On the "Add-ons" page, find and select the "Traveling with Pets" option.
  4. Indicate the type of pet accompanying you, be it a dog or cat, and provide details like its breed and size.
  5. Enter the dimensions of your WestJet-approved pet carrier to ensure it adheres to the airline's guidelines.
  6. Familiarize yourself with WestJet Airlines pet policy and give your consent.
  7. Proceed with the booking process, following prompts, and finalize your purchase.

If you prefer a more personal touch, you can also book through WestJet Airlines customer service team. Give them a call at 1-888-937-8538 or +1-877-658-1183, and they'll guide you through the WestJet pet policy and the pet travel booking process.

What are the WestJet's Approved Pet Carrier Requirements?

WestJet's Approved Pet Carrier Requirements as per the WestJet Airlines pet policy:

  • The carrier should have excellent ventilation and be designed to prevent leaks.
  • It's crucial that the carrier's surface is soft-sided and comfortable for your pet as per the WestJet pet policy.
  • The dimensions of the WestJet-approved pet carrier must not exceed 41cm x 33cm x 22cm (16in x 13in x 8.5in).
  • The carrier should easily fit beneath the seat in front of you, offering a convenient space for your pet.
  • Your pet should have sufficient room within the carrier to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably.
  • Throughout the journey, your pet must remain inside the carrier, ensuring their safety and the comfort of fellow passengers.

By complying with these carrier specifications as per the WestJet Airlines pet policy, you're ensuring that your pet travels in a secure and suitable environment, meeting WestJet pet policy standards.

Getting Ready for Your WestJet Journey with Your Pet

When preparing for your flight with your furry friend, it's important to keep a few key steps in mind to ensure a comfortable and smooth experience:

Feeding and Hydration: Within the four-hour window before check-in, make sure your pet has been fed and given water. Opt for a light meal before departure and provide a quick drink of water before heading to the check-in counter. Remember, containers with food and water can spill during handling and transportation. To keep your pet's comfort in mind, it's recommended to empty all food and water containers before your flight.

Pre-Flight Exercise: Before heading to the airport, give your pet a chance to stretch their legs and get some exercise. Some airports may require pets to stay in their kennels while at the terminal, so it's good to allow them some movement beforehand.

Timely Arrival: Arrive at the boarding gate at least 40 minutes before your flight's scheduled departure time. If you arrive less than 10 minutes before departure, you may be unable to board the flight with your pet as per the WestJet Airlines pet policy.

By adhering to these simple yet important steps, you'll be setting the stage for a comfortable and hassle-free journey for both you and your pet with WestJet. For more details on WestJet Airlines pet policy, you can reach out to FlyoGarage which is available for you 24/7 at +1-877-658-1183.


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