All Nippon Airways Reservations

If you are planning for All Nippon Airways reservations, you must know everything related to different policies such as All Nippon Airways flight change policy, All Nippon Airways cancellation policy, All Nippon Airways refund policy and much more. This blog by FlyoGarage will help you in just one go. Also, you can make a call to us at +1-877-658-1183.

What is the procedure for All Nippon Airways Flight booking?

You can book your flight with All Nippon Airways with their online portal. Below is the step-by-step guidance for the same:
  • Visit the official website of All Nippon Airways.
  • Now, you will see four sections such as Flight Booking, Flight Status, My Booking and Check-in.
  • Click on “Flight Booking”. You will again see four options such as Tickets, Flight Awards, Hotel, Car Rentals.
  • Click on the “Tickets” section.
  • Now, select to/from destination from hovering options, choose date and number of passengers, and class of flight.
  • Now, click on the “Find Flights”
  • You will see a list of available All Nippon Airways flights. Choose your desired flights.
  • Pay for it.
  • Finally, you will get the reservation confirmation on your registered phone number and email address.

What is the All Nippon Airways flight change policy? 

All Nippon Airways Flight Change Policy considers two types of flight change such as Voluntary and Involuntary. Let’s explore them:

ANA Flight Change Policy for Involuntary Changes Due to Reasons Beyond ANA’s Control

Involuntary schedule changes refer to changes that are made by the ANA itself. These changes can be due to many reasons such as bad weather, traffic, government announcement, maintenance, equipment malfunction. 
Involuntary schedule changes for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil include conditions such as:
  • A flight delay of more than 31 minutes.
  • An earlier flight departed by more than 16 minutes.
  • A change of another airline’s flight due to cancellation, delay, or some other reason beyond the passenger’s control.
ANA Flight Change Policy Due to Voluntary Changes 
Voluntary changes are considered when a passenger wants to change their flight in below conditions:
  • If the fare conditions of your ticket allow you flight changes, then you can change your flight date and/or time either free of charge or with a fee considering the ticket fare rules. 
  • If the fare rules of the ticket do not allow flight changes, then you cannot make any changes to your flight.
To know more about All Nippon Airways Flight Change Policy, you can consult All Nippon Airways Customer Service.

What is the All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy?

The All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy may depend on various fare types, and the time of cancellation.
Standard Fares: These fare types are non-refundable but can also be changed. But this will require a passenger to pay a fee for it. The fee is mostly $150 per passenger.
Flexible Fares: These fares are refundable. However, it also requires a cancellation fee which is around $50.
Discount Fares: These fares are non-refundable and there’s no fee to change them for All Nippon Airways business class and All Nippon Airways first class.

ANA 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

ANA 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel their flights within the 24 hours of the flight booking. This helps them avoid any cancellation fee from the ANA. Let’s discuss the ANA 24-hour cancellation in detail and highlight some key points:
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all types of flights including domestic and international flights. 
  • Passengers who booked their flights directly with ANA, are eligible for the 24-hour ANA Cancellation Policy. In case you book your flight through any third-party agent, you will not be allowed to use this policy. 
  • In case you have surpassed the 24-hour cancellation policy, you might have to provide a cancellation fee against it. The fee will be determined according to the class of travel you booked.
  • The ANA 24 Hour cancellation policy will also depend on the type of the fare class of your ticket. If you have purchased a refundable ticket, you are eligible for a full refund. If you have purchased nonrefundable tickets, you might have to pay cancellation fee for the same.

Final Thought

Knowing everything about the ANA will make your booking process easier. Hope that the above-mentioned information will help you in achieving the same. For more such information, keep visiting FlyoGarage or call us at +1-877-658-1183.
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