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Nothing beats the smooth navigation of your flight once you have booked it and that’s what Lufthansa Airlines assures you about. If you are finding out how can you book your flight tickets in Lufthansa or How can you manage your flight booking in Lufthansa, this page by FlyoGarage is going to be your savior for the day. 

About Lufthansa Airlines

One of the five founding members of Star Alliance, Deutsche Lufthansa or commonly known as Lufthansa, is one of the prominent German airlines in the world. It is the second largest airline as a passenger carrier in Europe. Founded in 1926, it was initially named as Aktiengesellschaft für Luftverkehrsbedarf or Luftag. It is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. The Lufthansa Airlne is the result of the collaboration of two different airline companies such as Deutscher Aero Lloyd formed in 1924 and Junkers Luftverkehr formed in 1921.

How to do Lufthansa Airlines Reservations?

Below is the flight booking step-by-step guidance so that you can choose the best flight of your choice:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Lufthansa.
  • Now, choose your ideal flight.
  • No, here you need to spend some time to make the perfect travel plans or itinerary.
  • Now, you have to put your personal details such as First Name, Last Name, phone number email address, and to/from destinations.
  • Now, there will be a reference number generated.
  • The booking confirmation will be sent to your registered email address and phone number.
  • Now, you can find your reserved flight at the “My Bookings” option.

How does online Lufthansa check-in?

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Lufthansa.
  • Now, go to the “Online Check-in” option.
  • By providing a booking reference or ticket number, first name, and last name log in to your Lufthansa account.
  • Prompt instruction to check in online to get the boarding pass.

There are different types of check-in options created to comfort you whenever you check in. These check-in options are Automated Check-in, Late Night Check-in. 

How to manage Lufthansa booking?

If you want to manage the Lufthansa flight booking, you can adhere the below guidelines:

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of Lufthansa.
  2. Go to the “Manage My Booking” option.

You will see different types of options such as:

Flight Date/Time Change: You can change the date and time of your flight just by going to the “Manage My Booking option on Lufthansa online portal and making the changes in just some simple steps. 

Seat Upgrades: If you want to upgrade your seat with Lufthansa, you can do it with the “Manage My Booking” option. This way you can upgrade your seat from economy to Lufthansa premium class or premium economy to business to first class. 

Baggage Allowance: In case you need to add extra baggage to your flight, you can do it with the “Manage My Booking” option. 

Request Special Meals: If you have special demands or practice a different diet, you can convey this information to Lufthansa staff by “Manage My Booking” option. This way you can modify your booking in the option. 

Flight Cancellation: If you want to cancel your flight because of any reason and want to do it quickly, you can use the online Lufthansa portal to cancel your flight. You can go to the “Manage My Booking” option and cancel your flight.

Name Change on the Ticket: If you want to change the name of your flight, you can do that on your own by visiting the official website of Lufthansa and going to the “Manage My Booking” option. 

Rebooking: In case you have missed your flight, you can request for rebooking with the “Manage My Booking” option and get your flight rebooked for the next scheduled time.

Is Lufthansa's business class worth it?

Lufthansa has intended to become a luxury airline brand to serve its flyers at best amenities they can experience in the sky with its business class product. let's explore why it is worth your attention:

Priority Check-in: You get the priority check-in when you are a flyer for the Lufthansa business class.

Luxury seats: With flatbed and wide seats, you get the option for window and aisle seats so that you can enjoy a comfy flight journey.

Priority Baggage Delivery: If you are a flyer of Lufthansa business class in Lufthansa, you get your baggage delivered on a priority basis. 

World-class cuisines: If you are particular about what you have in your flight journey, then, you surely need to go to the Lufthansa business class flight. They are world-class in providing food from across the globe. 

Lounge access: You get lounge access to lighten up yourself so that you can easily board your next flight. 

What is Lufthansa Refund policy?

If you are looking for Lufthansa Reefund Policy, here are some guidelines you need to consider before you cancel your flight with Lufthansa.

  • Lufthansa’s cancellation policy accepts cancellations that are made on the online portal, over the phone, or at the ticket counter.
  • You can request for cancelation within 24 hours to get a full refund against the cancellation but the date of departure must be at least 7 days once book the flight.
  • In case Lufthansa cancels your flight due to weather conditions, government announcements, or any technical issue, you get a complete refund for the cancellation.
  • The flight refund will be in the initiated payment mode. For example: if you have paid for your flight via credit card, you will get the refund reflected on your credit card.

What is Lufthansa Baggage Policy?

Below is the Lufthansa Baggage Policy you need to adhere to before you book your next Lufthansa flight: 

Carry-on baggage Allowance:

  • If you are traveling with First class and Business class, you are allowed with two carry-ons.
  • If you are traveling with economy class and Lufthansa premium economy class, you are allowed one carry-on baggage.
  • Assistive devices or outer garments won’t be considered personal items so they will not be counted in carry-ons too.
  • All carry-on baggage must fit in the overhead bin or under your seat in front of you. 
  • The maximum measurements of both items should come under 55cm x 40cm x 23cm / 22in x 16in x 9in (length x width x height).
  • The maximum weight of carry-on luggage should come under  8 Kg/1 lb.
Checked Baggage Allowance

For intercontinental Flights:

  • If you are traveling in economy class, you can take up to one bag weighing up to 23kg or 50lb.
  • If you are traveling in Lufthansa premium economy, you can take up to 2 bags that should weigh under 23kg or 50lb.
  • If you are traveling Lufthansa Business Class, you can take up to 2 bags and that should weigh around 32kg or 70lb.
  • If you are traveling in First Class, you can carry up to 3 bags and they should weigh around 32 kg or 70lb. 

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