ITA Airways Manage Booking - Domestic and international flights

After booking your flights with ITA, you may come across an unfortunate incident or scenarios could build up to compel you in changing your itinerary, and you should know that when you have made ITA Airways reservations you can make the changes as per your convenience. Before you do that, you must be aware of the ITA Airways manage booking policy which is elaborated on this page by FlyoGarage.

What does the ITA Airways Flight Change Policy state?

  • Manage your ITA flight details up to two hours before takeoff as per the ITA Airways manage booking policy.
  • Modify your flight date, time, or even the destination.
  • Pay the fare difference to move to a higher class.
  • Enjoy one complimentary change with Flex tickets and two with ITA Business and ITA First Class tickets.
  • Be aware that multiple changes may come with additional fees.
  • Make changes via the website, mobile app, or ITA customer service +1-877-658-1183.
  • ITA Airways may waive fees in the event of medical emergencies or natural disasters as per the ITA Airways cancellation policy.
  • If your new flight is significantly delayed or unavailable, you may be eligible for a refund.
  • If you’ve already checked in, you can still change your flight or request a refund, but you need to cancel your check-in first.
  • For flights canceled or delayed over five hours, you can change your ticket.
  • If your flight is delayed or canceled for over five hours, you have a two-week window to switch to a flight that suits your schedule. Pay the fare difference if a ticket in the same class isn’t available.
  • Post itinerary changes, you have a month to rebook. If the new fare is cheaper, no credit is issued. Changes can be made domestically or internationally based on your original ticket type.

The ITA Manage booking policy ensures you stay in control of your travel plans while providing various options to adjust your itinerary as needed.

How much is the ITA flight change fee?

Changing your flight with ITA Airways involves a range of fees, carefully structured to cater to different traveler needs. Fees can span from $100 to $500, with the exact amount depending on the type of ticket, destination, and the timing of your change. This structure ensures that whether you're flying domestically or internationally, there's a clear understanding of potential costs.

If you find yourself needing to alter your plans shortly after booking, there's a helpful perk: changes made within 24 hours of booking are free, provided your departure is more than seven days away. This gives you a bit of breathing room to adjust your itinerary without incurring extra costs.

However, once you move beyond that initial change, the fees come into play. Each passenger's situation is unique, and the cost reflects this. For instance, changing a flight to an international destination typically incurs higher fees than domestic changes. Additionally, while one free change is allowed, subsequent changes will involve charges.

It's also to be noted that the nature of your ticket (refundable or non-refundable), affects the fee. ITA Airways has designed this policy to balance flexibility with the need to manage travel adjustments efficiently.

How to manage my ITA flight tickets?

When you wish to make changes to your ITA flight bookings, you can follow the given simple steps:

  • First off, visit the official website of the airline from your preferred browser.
  • Then go to the section of “My Bookings” which can be found on the top.
  • Enter your booking reference number and the last name under the flight tickets to continue with ITA Airways Manage Booking.
  • Select search option and then you will be redirected to your flights info.
  • Now you can make all the changes required.
  • If applicable, pay the flight change fee and the fare difference to confirm it.
  • You will be getting an email confirmation for the ITA Airways flight change policy.
  • You will also have the alternative to call someone at ITA at +1-877-658-1183 to make changes over a call and even know about the ITA Airways refund policy.

When you have been through this page, you will know all the necessary details on ITA Airways manage booking regulations, now when you wish to know more about it, you can reach out to FlyoGarage which is available for your assistance 24/7 at +1-877-658-1183.

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