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Qantas Airways is a flag carrier based in Australia. Considering fleet size, international flights, and destinations, it is the largest airline in Australia and Oceania. Being the third-oldest regular-operating airline, it has only evolved to provide easy and convenient service to its passengers. It is also known for its flexible policies and procedures including Qantas Airways manage booking, check-in process, cancellation process, and many others. This blog by FlyoGarage will provide you a comprehensive guidance on everything about Qantas Airways. In case you want to connect with experts in Qantas, you can call them at +1 (800) 227-4500 or +1-877-658-1183.


What is the Qantas Airways booking process?

Qantas provides the easiest booking process a passenger can follow and book their flights. These are stated below:

  • First of all, visit the official website of Qantas Airways.
  • Now, click on “Book a trip”.
  • Enter to/from destinations, and dates.
  • Now, click on “Search Flights”.
  • Now, the screen will open with a list of available flights to your selected route.
  • Select the flight that suits your budget.
  • Once you have selected the flight, there will be a new page opened with personal information.
  • Now, fill in the information including first name, last name, phone number, and email address.
  • Now, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Now, make payments at the payment gateway. 
  • Once, you have made the payment, you will get the booking confirmation on your registered email address and phone number.


What is Qantas Airways manage booking process?

The airline provides the easiest Qantas Airways mange booking process that customers can do by themselves only. Below are the step-by-step guidance for the same:

  • First of all, visit the official website of Qantas Airways.
  • Now, hove and click on the “Services” section.
  • Now, click on the “manage booking” section.
  • Click on the “Flights & Flight Credit” section.
  • Enter Booking, Flight Credit or voucher reference, and Last Name.
  • Now, click on “Continue” button.
  • Now, the screen will open with your booking details.
  • There, you can manage your booking including seat selection, seat 


What is Qantas Airways flight change policy?

Before you conduct Qantas Airways' fight change process, you must know some of the guidelines by the airlines under the Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy:

  • First of all, you need to check your fare type and its related fee. This will help you determine what are the fare difference you may need to pay in case you change your flight.
  • If you make any changes to your flights, the conditions will be applied to every passenger in your booking. However, if you want to make changes for inpidual passengers, you need to exclude them from the booking. These passengers will be aligned to different booking references and then you can make the changes you need. 
  • ‘In case you require help from the Qantas officials, you can call Qantas Airways' contact number which is 1 (800) 227-4500 or +1-877-658-1183. You can consult them to get to know about Qantas Airways change flight fee and much more. 


What is Qantas Airways flight cancellation policy?

Before you cancel your flight with Qantas Airways, you must consider below points under Qantas Airways flight cancellation policy:

  • Before you cancel your flight with Qantas Airways, you must know your fare type which is determined considering the class of travel, routes, destination, and other important aspect of the airline.
  • It is also important to note that flight cancellation policy applies to all passengers in a booking. In case, you want to cancel a flight of an inpidual passenger, you need to exclude them from the booking. 
  • You can cancel your flight by visiting the manage booking section on the official website of Qantas Airways. 


What is Qantas Airways refund policy?

Passengers are eligible to get a refund against the below conditions:

  • In case the airline cancels your flight and they are unable to provide an alternative flight option, you will be entitled to get a complete refund against it.
  • If the airline delays your flight to the extent that you have to cancel your flight, you will get a complete refund against it.
  • If the airline needs to make a significant change to the scheduled flight time and is unable to provide an alternative, you get a refund against it.
  • If the airline becomes the reason for you missing a connecting Qantas flight with a confirmed reservation, you will get a refund against it.
  • In case you are entitled to a refund, it will be equivalent to the price that you bought during the booking.
  • For any assistance regarding a refund, you can call the airline at 1300 659 161.


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